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“To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.”

-George Santayana-

The memories from my childhood look exactly like the picture above – white, cozy, snowy, “winter fairytale” . I have the vivid memory in my head of me and my sister playing outside till midnight… and it’s winter…. and snow… So much snow… Red noses, cold hands… rolling, making snow angels… and laughters until it hurts.  The dog running like crazy with us 🙂 Then homemade cookies… mother’s smile… tired and happy by the fireplace… I’m thinking back now… wrapping my chilled hands around a warm cup of tea…

We don’t have that kind of winters any more. It’s the middle of January and I still didn’t even sea a single snow flake lost in it’s way to make somebody happy… I know many people don’tlike winters… How’s it possible, I wonder. I miss my careless childhood many times.  Winter was taking me back there each year. Now, without snow it’s not possible… What we did to our planet in such a short period of time? Instead of playing at the snow right now, why am I just dreaming of it?…


There’s only one of me

What’s mine—is yours—it’s all free

Please honor this gift.

-Planet Earth-

P.S. The photo is “winter fairytale” is taken from http://1x.com/photo/46900/#!/photo/46900. If you enjoy photography you will find incredible peaces of art in that website.